Space, Defence and Aerospace

  • Elicotteri +

    Military HelicopterHelicopter parts operate under severe conditions, the quality of these manufactured parts is critical for both civilian and military helicopter platforms. Taylor Hobson measurement instruments support applications such as Engine Alignment, Gyroscope Components, Blade Angle Measurement, Weapons Alignment – Harmonization, Monitoring Deflections…read more.

  • Ottica Militare +

    Head-Up-Display (HUDThe quality of lenses and their housings is critical to the performance of optical products and assemblies. Taylor Hobson measurement instruments support the manufacture of applications such as Virtual Reality (VR) goggles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Head-Up-Display (HUD), Fold Mirrors (Satellites), Off-axis Mirrors (Inter Satellite Communication, Telescopes, etc.), Night Vision System…read more.

  • Applicazioni Spaziali +

    International Space StationManufacturing in the space industry creates some of the toughest requirements on performance, quality, and reliability. Taylor Hobson measurement instruments support applications such as Fuel Injection Parts, Pressure and Flow Sensor Parts, Blades and Blisks, Re-useable Launch Vehicle parts, Thruster Assembly and Thrusters, Launch Vehicle Assembly Jigs…read more.

  • Jet e Droni Militari +

    Military JetMilitary jets and drone technologies are evolving quickly, becoming more and more advanced using automation and artificial intelligence. These advancements require high levels of quality control through high precision measurement and analysis, Taylor Hobson instruments support applications such as Jet Engine Alignment, Gyroscope Components, Weapons Alignment – Harmonization, Engine Blade Measurement…read more.

  • Jet Commerciali +

    Jet EngineThroughout the entire process of building a jet, components and assemblies are inspected for accuracy, the engine will continue to be monitored throughout its service life. Taylor Hobson delivers product solutions to support applications such as Jet Engine Alignment, Gyroscope Components, Optical Alignment of Aircraft Jigs, Engine Blade Measurement…read more.

  • Veicoli e Armi Militari +

    Military TankMilitary Weapons and Vehicles require precision control for alignment, angle, straightness, profile error and diameter of many applications such Gun Barrel Alignment, Ammunition, Track Drive Shaft Bearings, Artillery Alignment…read more.

  • Navi e Sottomarini +

    SubmarineManufactured components require exceptional levels of quality, durability, precision, and reliability to meet the demanding requirements of Ship and Submarine applications. Taylor Hobson instruments support the manufacture of application such as Torpedo tube Alignment, Periscope Alignment, Ship and Engine Alignment, Rudder Bearings Alignment, Bulk head…read more.