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Produzione e ricerca

Questa gamma di strumenti metrologici senza contatto comprende CCI HD, CCI MP e CCI MP-HS. Questi strumenti versatili sono particolarmente adatti ai settori della produzione e della ricerca, dove è necessaria un'analisi del profilo 3D ad alta precisione.  


CCI Optics, ideale per il settore dell'ottica, offre una funzionalità di misurazione dello spessore della pellicola sottile unica e ciò lo rende uno strumento metrologico particolarmente importante. La sua versatilità permette di effettuare un'analisi dettagliata di una serie di superfici, da quelle molto ruvide a quelle estremamente lisce.


Offering ultra-precise non-contact distance measurement for highest demand in industrial fabrication, quality control and sientific research. The core technology is the multiwavelength interferometry (MWLI®) uniquely offered by Luphos.

About Surface Roughness Measurement 

Surface roughness is often referred to as just 'Ra', but the analysis of surface finish extends well beyond this simple parameter. For process control, Ra may give some indication that something has changed, but it is the role of other parameters and a visualisation of the surface profile which tell us how the surface has changed and how it might affect functional performance. Surface roughness testers provide a measurement of surface finish and a solution for process control, surface optimisation and defect analysis. For example, by performing defect analysis during or after manufacture, surface measurement can help identify the location and severity of defects, controlling and improving the improving the quality, functionality and durability of a product. Some surfaces, such as precision lenses require an exceptionally smooth surface finish. Others, such as brake pads and surfaces which require treatment (paint, adhesives etc) need specific roughness characteristics. Surface roughness testers provide the means of controlling such surfaces.